Little Fockers

By themedia | January 31, 2011

Movie: Little Fockers
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Actors: Ben Stiller, Jessica Alba, Owen Wilson, Robert DeNiro

Gah – I was hoping this would be a good movie to see around the holidays with the fam. But it didn’t do it for me.

The movie starts out with a health scare that leaves Jack Byrnes (Robert DeNiro) with worries as to who will head the household once he’s gone. Jack appoints Greg (Ben Stiller) to the role of the “Godfocker” of the family. However, Jack begins to think again about his decision as he begins to suspect that Greg is having an affair with his attractive drug rep, Andi (Jessica Alba). While there’s no truth to the affair, Jack continues to attempt to convince Pam to return to her former lover, Kevin (Owen Wilson). Sound familiar? Sure, that’s pretty much the premise of the first movie, Meet the Parents. I love tying the old movies in here and there – but I thought we were over the whole Pam and Kevin thing. I guess not.

Throughout the movie, Greg tries to prove how he can be the “Godfocker,” that Byrnes wants him to be by providing a bright future for his kids, getting his finances together and finishing the house. We watch as he struggles with each task with jokes far and few between.

Since this is a holiday movie – you better believe there’s a happy ending to this story. As expected, all is well for Greg Focker and family. Jack comes around after Greg saves his life at the twins’ birthday party. And the Focker-Byrnes relationship is seen as better than ever when Focker and Byrnes grandparents announce they will be moving to town to be closer to the kids.

So what do you think – yes or no on another Focker movie after this? I vote no.

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