Hold It Against Me – Britney Spears

By themedia | February 24, 2011

Many of you would be shocked to know that I didn’t like the new Britney Spears’ video for, “Hold It Against Me.” I grew up on Britney Spears’ music. I went to every Washington DC tour date she had. I even saw her on tour with *NSync before Baby One More Time became such a big hit. I loved and adored everything Britney. And to an extent, I still find her music fun to listen to. But, nothing’s to the same caliber as the Britney we once had – back when she slithered around on stage with a yellow python and impressed us with her intricate dance moves.

It’s easy to say Britney’s a hot mess especially after such emotional public displays. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to find out she has mental health issues. But who doesn’t these days? We all cope differently. What I find disturbing about the Britney situation is how controlled she is by her management. All along, it’s probably been that way. I never minded it back then. More now than ever, I’m finding it so obvious that Britney is simply a pawn in a game to get as much money as possible. “Hold It Against Me,” is a ripoff of a 1979 Bellamy Brothers song. The music industry is full of covers – some good, some bad. There’s something about this song that doesn’t grab me in the way previous Britney singles have. I usually spend weeks listening to her singles over and over again without getting bored. I found that after two weeks, I really had no desire to listen to the song.

I thought the video might spark my interest in the song again especially since Britney was releasing teaser videos via Twitter. The director, Jonas Akerlund, is quite famous for his work with Madonna on “Ray of Light” and Lady Gaga’s “Telephone.” So there was much to be expected with this music video. The reality is that it’s another piece of work put out there to earn her management a few extra dollars. The product placement in it was heartbreaking. It really shifted the focus of the video. It made it appear as though it were a commercial for all of these brands rather than a Britney Spears video.

I wanted more answers on why the video shifted in to this new direction. I discovered that the concept of the video is that we’re coming in to a new age of Britney. The technology brands that are featured in the video are part of expressing that we’re in the digital age. The video is a battle between the old and new Britney. There are scenes in the video that take us back to pivotal moments in Britney’s career like her “Baby One More Time” video clip and of course her failed marriage. It’s so hard to pick this up because of the way it’s edited. It’s chopped up in to bits and pieces of scenes that really don’t fit together in any logical way. Within these bits and pieces are the dance scenes. Unfortunately, we see that Britney has not stepped it up since the last time we saw her perform on the “Circus,” tour. It’s such a shame because so many of her fans look up to her dancing. I can remember hanging out with friends and learning her moves. Without the dancing, without the sparkle in her eye, Britney is not the same girl we fell in love with back in 1998.

What are your thoughts on the video?

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