Wow, Surprising Box Office Results This Weekend

By themedia | February 27, 2011

It appears that Gnomeo and Juliet beat out two new releases featuring A-list movie stars, Owen Wilson and Nicolas Cage. Gnomeo and Juliet finally hit the number one spot at the box office after three weeks. The movie wasn’t that great to me – like many other animated movies – it tried so hard to pull of the pop culture humor that was so evident in the Shrek movies (well, at least the first two). But, I can see how kids will adore it because they haven’t been exposed to the Romeo & Juliet story as often as many of us older viewers have.

I did not hear a lot of hype behind Cage’s movie. I saw previews – but they were lackluster. I wasn’t even sure if action fans would like this movie. But I am somewhat surprised about Hall Pass. I have heard from several friends that the movie is hilarious, more so than “Just Go With It.” I’ll have to find out for myself this week. But it is Oscar weekend and many of us are staying in to enjoy the glamour of the Red Carpet Arrivals and the show itself. See you tonight on Twitter!

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