The Oscars Were a Dud This Year

By themedia | March 2, 2011

If you spent Sunday night watching the Oscars, I’m sorry you put yourself through so much pain. I would know – I was there with you watching the disaster unfold. Maybe it was the air in LA but there was something so off about the Oscars this year. It could have been the lack of jaw-dropping fashions on the red carpet. Maybe James Franco had some pineapple express and seemed to lax to host. Or, it may be the lack of the unpredictable. Who knows.

All I know is that ABC should have let that guy streak to add a little drama to the event – hey, it’s not like they would be doing it for kicks – it would be homage to the 1974 Oscars when Robert Opel streaked across the stage while David Niven was introducing Elizabeth Taylor. It’s the film industry – these people know what makes a great climactic moment for a long show like this.

What bothers me most about this year’s award show is the fact that there were some really amazing films that were nominated. From a promotional standpoint, shouldn’t you want people to tune in so they can catch a clip of an award-winning or nominated film? Isn’t this supposed to encourage the audience to add one or several of the films to their Netflix queue?

Like films, award shows need to tell a story and for it to be an entertaining story or else you’re going to lose viewers. I can honestly tell you that by 8:30MST, I changed the channel. I was live tweeting the event and couldn’t take the monotony anymore.

Let us never speak of the 2011 Oscars again. We can only hope for a better year of award shows in 2010.

What did you think of the Oscars?

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