Avenue Q in Denver, CO

By themedia | March 21, 2011

Musical: Avenue Q
Venue: Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver, CO
Date: 03-13-11
Web Site: www.avenueq.com

“Sesame Street meets South Park. Raunchy. Filthy. Not for prudes.” Call it what you will but Avenue Q is one of the best and funniest Broadway Musicals out there today.

Many Americans love Broadway shows for their over the top productions, the raw emotions that come from each of the songs, and the overall experience of seeing a show being performed live. But, how often do we encounter musicals that we can relate to in this moment? I can’t say that I’ve personally had speech lessons, or was a farm girl that fell in love with a cowboy. And I can assure you I haven’t participated in any gang activities like the rumble that took place in West Side Story. I can assure you that I have had many moments in my life that were similar to those of the cast of puppets in Avenue Q.

Maybe I should clarify that before you guys start to assume that I’m addicted to Internet porn (watch the show, you’ll understand). As a recent college graduate, I totally have gone through the motions of these characters. “It Sucks to Be Me,” isn’t just a song. It’s an every day saying when you can’t find a job, rent is too high to afford an apartment in a nice neighborhood, relationships become confusing, and you can’t seem to figure out your purpose in life.

The play centers around the recent grad, Princeton, who has to encounter all of these issues. But, along the way, he meets the Bad Idea Bears who often throw him off path. We watch his struggle as he tries to survive the real world taking place on Avenue Q. We meet his neighbors and discover how their paths kind of suck too. But we aren’t fed with the common Disney ending where everyone gets their “Happily Ever After.” We’re given reality that all of our problems are only “For Now.”

I highly recommend Avenue Q to any adult who enjoys a good laugh. If the show isn’t coming to your area any time soon, go on YouTube or purchase the soundtrack. The songs are just as enjoyable on their own.

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