Interview: Fefe Dobson

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Artist: Fefe Dobson
Label: Island Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: December 1, 2003
Conducted by: Lilly Frost

TMF Lilly: In another interview you mentioned you went to school for musical theatre. What plays were you cast in?
I was in Oliver. We did variety shows; and, I sang on Broadway. I did Circle of Life.

TMF Lilly: Did you have a favorite Broadway show when you were in New York?
My favorite Broadway show would probably be , I don’t know, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is pretty hot.

TMF Lilly: Your first single was “Take Me Away” which has been really successful on radio and TV. It was announced that your next single is “Everything.” Can you tell us the story behind the song and what we can expect from the video.
Well, “Everything” was actually chosen for an MTV movie, The Perfect Score, which is really cool, starring Erica Christensen.
TMF Lilly: When does that come out?
The movie comes out in January. But the song is basically a love song saying if you wanna be with me, you’d better let me know now cause I’m not going to sit around forever.
TMF Lilly: Do you have any idea what the video is going to be like yet?
Oh, I already did the video. It’s just like scenes from the movie and they zoom into the test paper and I’m inside the test paper. Very Sesame Street kinda cool.

TMF Lilly: What was your initial response to Kurt Cobain’s suicide?
Well, I was too young when it happened to understand it. My sister was devastated. It was like her generation, the voice of her generation was gone. Now being my age at eighteen and knowing about it for a while, it’s really horrible and shocking.
TMF Lilly: Was there a particular song that he wrote that inspired you?
I love Something in the Way (she sings a little of it).

TMF Lilly: Everyone works toward self-improvement. What are some things you want to work on for your next album?
I wanna play more instruments myself on the album. I want to incorporate marching bands and things like that. I just wanna incorporate all kinds of music into one.

TMF Lilly: What is your family’s opinion on the current Michael Jackson controversy?
You know, any human being is not guilty until they are proven guilty. I love Michael Jackson. I’ve always loved him. He’s always going to be Mr. Thriller to me.

TMF Lilly: Ok, If you were to be an answer on Jeopardy (like Who is Fefe Dobson?) what description would you like the answer to be?
Basically, if they said who is Fefe Dobson, she’s a good person that creates music that she believes in, whether people enjoy it or not although she hopes they do enjoy it. A happy person.

TMF Lilly: You mentioned you used to attend every *Nsync show that came to town.
Do you watch TRL?
TMF Lilly: Yeah.
That was on TRL.

TMF Lilly: Who are some other artists you’re into that would surprise your fans?
I love…that would surprise my fans? I love Leann Rimes and um… I love…I’m trying to think, cause to me it’s not surprising. Well, I just listen to everything, and I guess it’s not surprising to me. I listen to Britney. I got Britney’s new album. I picked it up. I support everyone.

TMF Lilly: Ok, you’re still working on learning the guitar. What’s your advice to a girl picking up the guitar for the very first time?
Moisturize your hands because… well first of all, cut your fingernails. You can’t have long fingernails and play the guitar. But moisturize your hands a lot, otherwise you’ll get bad calluses when you’re first starting out and bruises.

TMF Lilly: What do you want your fans to walk away with or absorb from your live performance and your new album?
One word, “wow.”

TMF Lilly: What’s the most annoying song of 2003?
Really nothing at the moment. Everything’s great for their own reasons. I try to find the positivity in it all.

TMF Lilly: Given the choice, would you rather do a raw show with mic and your band with no pyro or special effects or go all out and put on a grand scale show?
Aww man, when I actually get the headlining show, it’s going to be theatre, it’s going to be pyro, it’s going to be everything. Ya know, big screens like showing video. It’s going to be enormous. I don’t think that’s just pop. I think that can be incorporated into everything. I wanna just pull it all in. Theatre’s like a main background of mine, so…

TMF Lilly: What’s your ideal Christmas present?
(Whispers) A boyfriend. I don’t want anything. I don’t want money, I don’t want gifts, I just want a boyfriend that I care about.

TMF Lilly: Do you have any traditions for the holiday season?
Not really, just try to get presents for people I love.

TMF Lilly: If you were to put one message in a time capsule for a future generation to read, what message would that be?
Um, make love not war.

TMF Lilly: What kind of impact has growing up in Canada had on you as an artist, if any at all?
Nothing really. Just wanting to get to the other side to America, so America could hear me. It doesn’t make any difference.

TMF Lilly: Everyone has personal slang, can you give us an example of yours?
Well, when people say, “Is that cool?” I’m all, “It’s kool and the gang yo.”

TMF Lilly: What song on your new album brings back the most memories?
All my songs really. Everything means something different and they bring back different memories.

TMF Lilly: Ok, in 60 seconds, tell everyone why they should buy your new album.
In 60 seconds? Well, I’m a new artist that has a lot of fun, that’s intense and I think it will help people have a voice. Just listen to it. If you enjoy it, you enjoy it. If you don’t, you don’t. But if they hate it or they love it, hate and love to me are the exact same thing.

Interview: Earl Slick

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Artist: Earl Slick
Label: Sanctuary Records /Simmons Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: January 29, 2004
Conducted by: DJ Booker

TMF DJ: It has been 12 years since you’ve done an album, did it take you a while to choose to do this, or was it an instant, “I’m ready to do this now” feeling?
Earl Slick:
You know for a long time, I had lost my inspiration, then I started writing again, and I – my record just sort of happened. You can’t force that kind of thing.
TMF DJ: Yeah, then it would just be work, and you don’t have fun with it. When you were growing up, learning guitar and dreaming big, was there a point when you just wanted to give up?
Earl Slick:
I actually got to the point about 1994ish where I kinda gave up. You know it wasn’t fun anymore, I wasn’t inspired. I think it happens to people sometimes, I just chose to bow out instead of doing something that I didn’t want to do anymore.
TMF DJ: So why’d you continue to play after that?
Earl Slick:
I got a big call a few years later and then Bowie called me at the end of ‘99 and I decided, “you know what, this sounds like it’d be good” and that got me kinda excited again. So, I gotta give him a lot of credit for this album even happening because he’s the one he got me re-inspired.?
TMF DJ: That’s cool. So the flame came back, the passion came back?
Earl Slick:
It did, it took a little while, but once I started to do this gig, all of a sudden it started coming back and I was like “Ok, this is good.” Sometimes, you don’t know if it’s gonna come back
TMF DJ: Right, yeah I know how that can be. I have times like that all the time when I’m playing. You just hit a writer’s block.
Earl Slick:
Oh yeah, exactly

TMF DJ: You’re touring with Bowie right now aren’t you?
Earl Slick:
Yeah we’re right in the middle of the tour.
TMF DJ: Any interesting stories to share from the road?
Earl Slick:
Nothing all that weird has happened yet, but we still got some time to go.
TMF DJ: Right, how long are you going to be touring with him?
Earl Slick:
We started rehearsing for it last July, and probably are gonna finish it before next July. ?
TMF DJ: Oh yeah? You got a while then. What do you want your fans to walk away with after seeing your shows?
Earl Slick:
What do I want them to what?
TMF DJ: What do you want them to walk away with after your shows? Like what do you want them to remember?
Earl Slick:
You know… if they could get out of it what I get out of it, especially when I was like really going to a lot of shows – walk out of the thing feeling really good and excited, and just exhilarated.
TMF DJ: Oh, that’s cool.
Earl Slick:
Cause that’s how I used to feel, I would come out of a concert just buzzing. Like “whoa” you know? I want them to walk out knowing that the band just took them away for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and all they were focused on was what we were doing and what they were doing, and that they were having a good time and they were having a good time. I mean that’s what we do this for. We do this for entertainment yeah, but also, you know it’s an escape. ?
TMF DJ: Yeah.
Earl Slick:
And, if we can get them to escape from reality for a couple hours during the show, I think we’ve done a good job.
TMF DJ: Ah yeah that’s cool, I agree. So you wanna give them what music has always given you then?
Earl Slick:
Yeah, give them inspiration. Give them something that they can just walk out of there feeling good about

TMF DJ: What kind of music do you listen to? Like what’s in your CD player right now?
Earl Slick: Right now, let me see, the Dandy Warhols is in there right now.
TMF DJ: Dandy Warhols? Never heard of them, what kind of music is it?
Earl Slick:
West coast band. It’s hard to describe them they’re kinda of a artsy, Bohemian type of-sort of grungy pop – uh… I can’t describe them! (laughs)                                                                                                                                                        TMF DJ: (laughs) Well, what kind of music do you normally listen to?
Earl Slick:
I listen to them. I listen to Radiohead. Let me look what’s in here… a band called Starling from Canada that I really like. I like more of the kind of grungy pop stuff, you know I’m a big XTC fan. ?TMF DJ: XTC, oh never heard of them
Earl Slick:
you know, XTC, Radiohead…
TMF DJ: Yeah, Radiohead. I know Radiohead. That’s cool I like them too.

TMF DJ: If you had to choose a song for a theme song for your life, what would it be?
Earl Slick:
A theme song for my life?                                                                                                                                  TMF DJ: Would it be one of your songs?
Earl Slick:
That would depend on what happens during that day. There have been times in my life you know, where (laughs) “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction,” was my theme song.                                                                                                                            
TMF DJ: (laughs)
Earl Slick:
My theme song for my life though would probably be “Reality” the title track for my new Bowie album. Welcome to reality.
TMF DJ: (laughs)
Earl Slick:
Yeah “reality’s” good these days.
TMF DJ: Finally “into” reality huh?
Earl Slick:
I like “Reality.”

TMF DJ: Would you ever want like an Earl Slick signature guitar made?
Earl Slick:
It hadn’t been a goal of mine. It’s not really anything I have thought about. Honestly, it’s one of those things I could give a shit about.
TMF DJ: (laughs) Well, I think I’d want a guitar made after me if I was famous ?.
Earl Slick:
Ah well, I don’t really care about that.

TMF DJ: You’ve worked with big names in the past like John Lennon, David Bowie, and stuff. Now that you’re a successful solo artist, and you’re looking back on all that, is there anything that you feel you haven’t achieved? I mean are you still looking forward to something in the future?
Earl Slick:
I kinda like where I am right now. I wouldn’t change anything that it took to get here. You know, and as far as the future goes, the only thing that I haven’t done that I was interested in doing is doing some stuff, uh talking to people about maybe being able to do some really cool soundtracks for movies. You know, some stuff you really can’t get away with on albums.
TMF DJ: Like whole soundtracks?
Earl Slick:
Oh yeah, like the whole score, the whole movie.

TMF DJ: What’s the strangest question you’ve ever been asked?
Earl Slick:
Oh I get asked some weird shit, I don’t really know if there’s a strangest. Let me think about that. Go back to that question.

TMF DJ: What thought or sentiment would you put into a fortune cookie? Haha there’s a strange one for you.
Earl Slick: (laughs) What would I put in a fortune cookie, I would put “Don’t take it so fucking seriously” and I would word it just like that.
(laughs) Yeah, that’s a good one.

TMF DJ: Now, your inspiration for the “Zig Zag” title came from living in a massive forest that had a real magical feel to it you said?
Earl Slick:
Yeah there was this place I used to go all the time, right outside of Portland, Oregon up in the mountains. I used to go up there to get away from shit. Little place called Zig Zag out in the forest, and I’d get a lot of inspiration up there. That’s where the title track came from.
TMF DJ: So, how do the surroundings affect your music? Do they let you escape? Like does it matter what your surroundings are when you’re making your music?
Earl Slick:
Absolutely, everything that’s going on in my life, and what I am, and what I’m doing has a direct effect on what’s happening when I record.

TMF DJ: What’s next for you after the tour?
Earl Slick:
You know, I’m not really sure yet, I know I have to have a month off. That’s the only thing I’m absolutely sure about.
TMF DJ: (laughs) Okay.
Earl Slick:
Then, I’m going to start writing for another album. I’m thinking about maybe doing this gig on my own, but not a tour.

TMF DJ: Well that’s about the end of my questions. Except for the strangest question one.
Earl Slick:
I get stupid shit like, do you wear boxers or briefs? I mean you know I get weird questions.
TMF DJ: (laughs) yeah.
Earl Slick:
I mean I don’t get shocked very easy but, sometimes I just look at them like “What?” “What are you thinking about?” I’m so unaffected by this stuff, but boxers and briefs? What the fuck does that mean? I’m not gonna answer that.
TMF DJ: (laughs)
Earl Slick:
They must run out of things to ask. ?TMF DJ: (laughs) Yeah, that must be it.

Interview: Sum 41

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Band: Sum 41
Label: Island Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: October 28,2004
Conducted by: John Frank

TMF: How are you liking the city down here?
Um, I actually haven’t been out in the city in Irvine too much.
TMF: Ya, it’s kind of boring, not much of a party town.
Oh really, that sucks.
TMF: We usually have really good weather though.
Oh what, this isn’t good weather?
TMF: Well, it was raining most of the week and last night, so it’s kind of cool now and all muddy. Usually, it’s in the 70’s and 80’s.
Ah ok.

TMF: Ok, so your new album, debuted at #10 on the billboard.
Ya ya, we are all really shocked, it’s the highest debut we have ever had.
TMF: Congratulations, that’s really impressive.
All right, thanks.
TMF: It’s a great album, it seems like each one of your albums just brings so much more to your band. I mean, I really liked Half Hour of Power, you know way back when, and obviously All Killer No Filler had the catchy sound to it, and then on Does This Look Infected, I loved the Hell Song – great guitars.
Awesome, thanks man.

TMF: One thing I really like is that DVD you did, “Introduction to destruction.”
Ah ok, ok.
TMF: Are you guys planning on doing anything like that again?
Well, we are always working on a DVD, we want to try to release one with each new album, depends on how much footage we compile.

TMF: Along those lines, the documentary you did in Africa, is that out yet, or when do you have it planned to release?
No no, that’s gonna be coming out later, like in a couple weeks the first edit should be done. So then we’ll check it out, look it over and hopefully it will be out by wintertime or the end of fall. ?
TMF: I am looking forward to that you know, there are so many bands that will sing about all the injustices and how they hate everything, but you guys actually went and were there and did something.
Ya, it was heavy, the whole time.
TMF: I don’t know if I could have done that, being in the middle of gun fire and civil war.
It was hurting; it wasn’t a good time I’ll tell ya.

TMF: What brought your attention to that area?
We got involved with war child, and they basically broke down all these different zones, of course there’s Iraq and a bunch of different places, like Somalia. And then, there was the Congo, and it was the most compelling story, like there’s shit going on there that’s way worse than anywhere. That’s not to say the other places are bad, but there’s terrible shit going on in the Congo. There’s been a civil war there that’s been going on since 1998, and when we went there was a year long cease fire, but things kind of got started up again, just little tensions here and there. We were there interviewing child soldiers, women who had been raped during the war, and uh, just politicians and UN officials and stuff like that.
TMF: That’s what people don’t hear about here, it’s all about Iraq and the oil.
Ya, that’s why we went oil’s in dude, diamonds are out (laughter).

TMF: You guys were on one of the rock against bush compilations.
Ya, number one.
TMF: Those were both good compilations, it brought together a really broad range of people, like you really don’t expect fat mike and sum 41 to do something together.
You know, I think we were more shocked than anybody else, cause Fat Mike I mean, the first time we met him was like 2000 Warped tour.?
TMF: I remember when you guys did that.
Ya, he comes up and is like, “Hey, what’s up, my name’s Mike”…ya, fuck, we know (laughs) so ya, he’s been super cool and like helping us out coming to see the shows since 2000, so he’s a pretty fuckin cool guy. ?
TMF: I got a chance to meet him at this year’s Warped Tour, and it was almost surreal, talking to this guy who has been around forever, and I’m just this kid, I don’t know what I’m doing, I’m just along for the ride.
You’re always a kid; you’re always growing, no matter how old you are.

TMF: What kind of reaction have you guys been getting in the last few shows with the new material?
It’s been really strange, cause at these shows, it seems like we do have a different crowd than Good Charlotte.
TMF: Ya, I would agree with that.
But it seems like, we still have no real idea of what our real fan base is here in the states, because it jumps from record to record. So, and of course, there have been kids growing with us. I mean this has been a good humbling experience, cause it’s like you have to win over kids who don’t necessarily like how heavy we are, and that’s really weird, cause we aren’t really heavy at all. But I mean, it’s the pop crowd, so it’s just it’s been really cool, cause one, you are touring with really good friends, Good Charlotte has been friends of ours since 2000, and two, you are getting reminded of how to win over crowds and not get lazy on stage. ?

TMF: You guys are co headlining, and it must be weird to be up on stage and see all the bandanas and Good Charlotte stuff and just being like, what are we doing here?
The first night was kind of like that, cause we came out with a really heavy set, like really heavy like a set that we would play at one of our own shows, and it just…it wasn’t happening, like I think I saw some parents taking their kids out with their hands over their ears and shit.
TMF: I never really considered you guys a heavy band, I mean, some of your guitar riffs are…you can’t really compare it to the hair metal days, but some of them are amazing.
We try to keep it nice and vague, keep it with rock, so we can just do whatever we want.
TMF: That’s what I like about your albums, you can’t really classify it as heavy metal or pop punk, cause there is every sound from the first song to the last.
Thanks, well, we like tons of different music.

TMF: I really like your videos, even a serious song like “We’re All to Blame” you still came out and had fun.
There’s always been two sides to this band. There’s always the music which has always been a little more serious, and the humor. And, we are just funny guys, haha, at least to us especially, I mean the 4 of us, but it’s the same when you put any 20+ year olds in a room, or any dudes in general, any age, there’s just gonna be goofiness.

TMF: The only time I have seen you before is at warped tour, that’s kind of a half show though, do you guys have any sort of stage routine or pyrotechnics?
Nah, no pyrotechnics, more stage antics, I mean pyrotechnics, they have been so done now, I mean, they are flames…so what? Big deal. We would just rather get the job done like creatively and using ourselves as opposed to relying on flames or bombs here and there. But that’s not to say that pyro ruins a show, it’s just gotta be used properly.
TMF: Everything in a show just kind of has to be used moderately.
Yup, exactly.

TMF: At your shows, do you guys generally generate a most pit, or is your crowd kind of calm?
The last couple of nights, it’s been really cool, a couple of mosh pits have started up, but I mean at our own shows there are several, it’s really cool.
TMF: Do you guys kind of feed off of that energy?
Yes, absolutely. If it’s a dead crowd, it is really hard to get into it and get going, but at the same time you kind of have to cause it starts in one place, it either starts on stage or it starts in the crowd.
TMF: You kind of have to take a perspective of just observing, like a lot of great bands I have seen, like Green Day for example, you can’t say anything bad about them.
No, absolutely not.
TMF: I just stood there and watched them play; I had so much respect for what was happening. I was just in awe. So I can see how not getting a big physical reaction may not be such a negative thing.
It depends, I mean, those guys, it’s hard for anybody to say anything bad about green day, cause they are one of the best live bands that have ever come along.
TMF: Yeah, I saw them a couple years ago, and just can’t imagine it getting any better than that.
Yeah, exactly, it just blows your mind.
TMF: But I never saw any of the classic guys like ACDC or Guns n Roses, I have seen footage, but it doesn’t really give it the atmosphere.
Yeah, it’s neither here nor there.

TMF: Do you guys like doing the touring over recording, or are you more into getting new music out and you know getting awards and such?
I like just playing to be honest. I don’t like award shows and I usually don’t like the studio. I just like getting on stage. I mean the studio is just a way to get out touring faster. But award shows, I don’t really believe in any, kind of rigged, I feel kind of bad if the other three guys want to go, and I don’t want to go, so I end up having to go. Usually if we are presenting or anything, I’m out right away.

TMF: Is there any tension with you guys, you have been together since like high school?
There is always tension between anybody. It’s always like the four of us trapped in a submarine for a fuckin month at a time, but tensions with this band are just like someone will get pissy, and you just leave them alone for five minutes and then they will be fine.
TMF: That’s good, a lot of bands have problems with that, like recently I read about The Used having to split up into two buses because they were having so many problems, I guess it was mainly the smoking vs. the nonsmoking, and that’s just something you don’t realize bands would have that many problems and still keep going.
It is true, cause to tell you the truth, it’s totally different when you are on stage, when you get on there, it just doesn’t matter, you’re playing and it’s a good time.

TMF: When you first starting getting into music and guitar in general, did you sit there and say, I want to play the guitar and this is what I want to do with my life, I want to play music?
No, when I started playing guitar, I just wanted to play the guitar, I have always had simple goals, nothing too extravagant. I mean, just playing was all I really wanted to do, and now I get a chance to do it all the time, so it’s pretty cool.

TMF: When you are on stage, is there any favorite song the band has that is the most fun to play?
I like to play “The Bitter End” off the new record. Hhmmm, “Machine Gun” is a favorite for all of us, off of Half hour of Power.” I hope that never gets dropped from the set. It’s one of my favorite songs of all times.
TMF: Ya, I liked that CD, I liked that little rap you guys did that made it into the “Fat lip” video.
TMF: I saw the video and was like, I have heard this before, and went back to the CD and said, this is it.
That’s right dude, it’s a throwback to all the “half hour of power” people, wanted to do something.
TMF: And, you put it on Spiderman, redid it.
Yeah, redid it for the Spiderman soundtrack. And I mean, now looking back onto that, it was kind of a mistake that song, like we’re all, that’s the song we are most unhappy with. But it’s all part of growing up in front of millions of people.
TMF: Yeah, it definitely wasn’t my favorite single you guys put out.
Dude, it sucked, it was a bad song.
TMF: I liked the original version, cause it was just kind of thrown in there.
It sucks cause we really liked working with Rick Rubin and he did a good job on the trap, I just think we probably picked the wrong video and other sorts for that.
TMF: You guys survived it though, a lot of bands put out a bad single and they are done.
Honestly, Island gets full credit for picking up the ball after we dropped it.
TMF: And not too long after that you guys released your third album right?
Oh, ya ya ya, fuck ya ya, I forgot that was right after.
TMF: That was good, cause any slow time just got picked up with your new singles and everything.
We kind of realized that like that whole transition into that whole deal was everybody kind of came to the realization that nobody really liked the hip hop anymore. It was just no real music fans were left in hip hop it seemed. (It was) just a bunch of kids screaming you’re hot, and blah blah blah, so then we came out with “Does this look infected” and luckily like just what came out was that album, and I think that saved our lives a lot with our fans that felt alienated with things like “what we’re all about” and so, that was our way of apologizing.
TMF: It was a great album, apologies accepted. You can definitely tell that with each album you guys get better.

TMF: I know with the new album title it’s homage to the bus driver that you had in the Congo. You guys kind of had a trend with catchy titles with the rhyming and the kind of joke titles.
Yeah, and now “chuck.”
TMF: At first when I first heard it was going to be called “chuck” I was worried about like was there going to be puke or something on the cover….
Haha, ya.
TMF: Then I read about the bus driver, and was like, ok. But there is definitely a more mature sound to this album.
Nice, thanks man.
TMF: And now I am reading things in like the New York Post, how is it like getting not just music magazines, but mainstream stuff.
Ya, it’s very strange, people like ET and Newsweek are starting to approach us, it’s very weird, it’s like, it seems like there’s more press happening now then there was when there was “fat lip” which was our biggest hit. But after that, we kind of stayed within this certain realm, and it seems now we are trying…er, not trying to, but it seems like all these magazines are just coming out of the woodwork like they are just finding out, which is good, but pop news to me is just I don’t know I still like being able to go to the zoo and like go to the store and be able to buy groceries and stuff, and kids will come up and say hey and stuff and what’s up, blah blah, but there’s a strange difference between the pop crowd and other crowds. The pop crowd is fuckin crazy dude. The pop crowd will like stand outside and wait for hours and hours even after you have gone out and signed autographs, which is really cool, I just don’t like kids freezing, it’s cold in Canada. ?
TMF: I have only been up there once, which wasn’t really in Canada; I just went to Niagara Falls, which is just like New York.
Ya, same climate and weather system.
TMF: I would love to go up there sometime, I like the outdoors and camping, and I like snowboarding, I heard there is some good boarding up there.
Vancouver has some good spots. It’s just like a 2..2 ½ hour flight from here, you should go do it dude.

TMF: Do you guys go and do the snowboarding and stuff?
I can’t, if I fall and break a hand, I’m through, so we keep the snowboarding and stuff like that to a minimum. Deryck still goes out and skates every now and then. But I stopped skating as soon as the boards got really small. I like the motherboards.
TMF: Yeah, it’s kind of weird, I tried to do the skating thing, and I just cannot keep my balance on those. I can snowboard and all that, but I just can’t get the skating thing down. But ya, you guys draw a lot of the skater group with that punk rock type sound, and now you have the heavier sound and drawing a different type of crowd that mixes with the other crowds, it’s just a great mix of people.
Oh man, skating is rad, if there is one culture that is above all the coolest most accepting culture, its skating…I mean besides rollerbladers, but other than rollerbladers, skaters tend to be some of the most open minded people; it takes a certain type of person to be a skateboarder.

Interview: The Suicide Machines

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Band: The Suicide Machines
Label: Sideonedummy Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: December 20, 2003
Conducted by: DJ Booker

TMF DJ: You guys have done a lot of traveling internationally, what are some of the things you’d like to see done differently in the United States based on the things you’ve seen internationally?
SM Jay:
Well I know the healthcare system wouldn’t be as good as it is now in the United States if we had a full healthcare program, but one of the things that I’ve seen done in other countries is privatization of healthcare. We’re one of the few countries that doesn’t have it.
TMF DJ: Right.
SM Jay:
When I was real little I always had wanted to get into the medical field. I understand the consequences of private healthcare, but I also understand that it can work. I’ve seen it work.

TMF DJ: How much do you think your music has changed since you changed up your lineup so much?
SM Jay:
I’d say we just released my favorite album. I honestly don’t care what anyone says.
TMF DJ: So it has gotten better then?
SM Jay:
Yeah I think it’s gotten a little more fun and bouncy, yet it’s become a lot more serious for me as a lyric writer. And a little bit…The pop stuff is really popping the top, the aggressive stuff is really aggressive. I’m very comfortable where we are now, but I’d also like to see if we could take it to the next level.

TMF DJ: Why did you replace your drummer and bassist so much?
SM Jay:
Well we did replace a whole crapload of drummers, but we only replaced two bassists. Wait, actually three bassists. The last one, you know, Rich, no not Rich, he quit, it was Royce. Royce did not get along with me or the rest of the band, unfortunately. What we really wanted to do is play what we wanted to do for Matches and Gasoline. We were trying to do that for Steal This Record, but Royce wanted to write all this pop stuff like on the third album, and we were like not having it, and he was getting all frustrated, so he was just like, “I’m outta here.” We were just like, “See you man, no hard feelings”. I like Royce, he’s a good guy, I like Derek too. I like all the drummers. There wasn’t really anyone I didn’t like. Derek didn’t want to be in the videos, didn’t wanna be on the radio..
TMF DJ: Didn’t like that music?
SM Jay:
Yeah, yeah, well he just didn’t want to be part of that whole scene, he wanted to be like underground punk. You know, the band got so big, and it scared him a lot, and it scared him away, that’s why he quit. We’ve had a multitude of people come and go in this band to be honest with you. You know what I mean, they were all good dudes. They all had their own reasons for leaving. One guy couldn’t cut it, couldn’t play the kind of music that we were playing.
TMF DJ: So it’s all basically their own choice to get out?
SM Jay:
Yeah everyone except that one guy that we had to kick out because he couldn’t cut it, everyone else left on their own choice. But you know what are you gonna do.
TMF DJ: Yeah not much, can’t force them to stay.

TMF DJ: Now you guys are from Detroit, where’d you get the punk and ska sound from? That’s not too popular around that area.
SM Jay:
Bad Brains. I knew Bad Brains since I was little, you know. It started with Bad Brains, and a couple years later I found Poison Ivy, then Fishbone, and moved on with that.
TMF DJ: Do you feel pressured to live up to people like Eminem, since they’re from your area?
SM Jay:
Nah, I don’t care. I don’t care. And you know, I think it’s funny that Jack White gets in a fist fight with Jason Von Bondie, and they have to put it on fucking CNN. I mean leave him alone, a guy can’t get in a fist fight without it being on god damn CNN. I’m kind of glad that we’re on the underground in Detroit, and I’d like to keep it that way. I’m happy there. Oh yeah and you can tell Kid Rock I’m pissed off that he didn’t show up tonight that piece of shit. Let him know.
TMF DJ: (laughs) Ok.
SM Jay:
Yeah I’m pissed off at him. But anyway…?(Some guy interrupts and talks to SM Jay for a while then leaves)

TMF DJ: How was the transition from Hollywood records to Sideonedummy records?
SM Jay:
Oh it was a nightmare.
TMF DJ: Was it? Why’s that?
SM Jay:
I mean it was really cool they let us go, but we didn’t even wanna put out Steal This Record on Hollywood records, we had no choice of the tracks, and obviously you saw what happened to that record, no one even knows it’s out. But you know, Sideonedummy’s all good.

TMF DJ: For fans who don’t read the message board, could you share more info on this DVD you’re making?
SM Jay:
We just wanted to film it in Detroit, cause well it’s Detroit.
TMF DJ: Yeah it’s where you’re from.
SM Jay:
Yeah, we’re gonna have a lot of other weird stuff on it too. We just wanted to make a DVD cause you know, why not? It’ll just be a bunch of mish-mash, junk. It’ll be out this summer.

TMF DJ: What do you guys feel is the greatest thing you could accomplish as a band? Like what’s your ultimate dream?
SM Jay:
When I can run for governor like Jack did. Or better yet, I’ll think a little bigger. When I can run for fucking president, cause nowadays it doesn’t even matter if I have felonies or not. I’m thinking big.
TMF DJ: (laughs) Right, all you gotta be is famous.
SM Jay:
Ha yeah I don’t know about that whole Arnie thing but you know whatever.

TMF DJ: What does “Don’t Break the Glass” mean?
SM Jay:
Well it’s about your reactions with other people. It’s about people who don’t agree, and it’s also about friendship. It’s like, it doesn’t matter if your opinions are different from each other, you can still be friends- like so be it hardcore kids, so be it punk kids, so be it anyone.

TMF DJ: What’s next after your European tour?
SM Jay:
European tour, Us tour, new record, don’t know much after that.

TMF DJ: If you had to, like if it was a life or death situation, would you pass in a no passing zone?
SM Jay:
Hahaha yeah, you don’t even know man. I’m fuckin..
TMF DJ: A rebel?
SM Jay:
If you knew what I’ve done and got away with…one of the guys I was with that I was supposed to be selling merchandise with, he was the last guy I stole a car with.
TMF DJ: (laughs)

TMF DJ: Well, my last question is a Christmas one, since it’s Christmas and all. What’s the best Christmas present you’ve ever gotten?
SM Jay: Last year I had my daughter. That was the best Christmas present I’ve ever had.
TMF DJ: Oh wow, congratulations.
SM Jay:
Yeah, thanks.
TMF DJ: Ok well thanks for the time man.
SM Jay:
Yeah no problem.

Interview: Sugarcult

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Band: Sugarcult
Label: Fearless Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: February 24, 2004
Conducted by: John Frank

TMF John: How would you give a dictionary definition to the band Sugarcult? ?Marko: Um, I would say, rock band, guitar based rock band from Santa Barbara, Ca, born 1999, and released one album, start static in 2001, new album palm trees and power lines 2004, a collection of independent songs from before start static called wrap me up in plastic and uh, hot damn with 3 exclamation marks.

TMF John: Talking about your new release, Start Statichad a wide variety of inspirations from Elvis Costello to Green Day, what is the new album going to sound like?
Well, you know I could say that definitely the blue prints of this band are definitely carved with um you know Costello, a band called Superdrag, Green Day, Nirvana, and I think that we are you know, any band that starts – wears their influences on their sleeve a little bit, then you settle into your own groove, and um and kind of find your own vibration and I think that’s what palm trees represents more than start static, cause keep in mind when we released start static we had only been a band a couple of years, and we were still finding our own groove, the new album we are just that much further down the line. We are coming off two and a half years nonstop touring, our lives completely changed from being a small band from Santa Barbara to a band that travels all around the world and played so many shows, we’ve grown a lot as people, grown a lot as musicians, grown a lot as a band, palm trees reflects the natural progression of us further down the road, but it’s not like we heard the used and all of a sudden said we need to start screaming in our songs, Sugarcult has never been a trendy band, we have never been in style on purpose, if there’s ever been a time we happened to sound current or hip, it’s purely by coincidence. We are on our own mission.

TMF John: Now that you are playing the bigger venues, and you’re more popular, do you still enjoy playing the small clubs?
Oh, I love it, there’s nothing better than playing a place that doesn’t have a barricade, just getting that feeling of you know breathing in the evaporated sweat of you know 300 people that are tightly packed into a room, we still play places like that, it’s a lot of fun, it’s just a different kind of energy, I always like to use the analogy of like sex you know, just cause you managed to have a serious relationship and you live together and you have sex in a really comfortable bed, it doesn’t mean that getting really wasted and doing it doggy style in a bathroom stall every once in a while doesn’t still feel good, it’s the same kind of thing. Playing small clubs, playing big clubs, it’s all good.

TMF John: The first time I saw you guys was at a small club called trinity hall in Pismo beach.
Do you remember who was with us on that?
TMF John: Army of Freshmen, Fairview, and Yellowcard was scheduled to be there, but they didn’t make it.
It’s funny cause this summer we played a festival in Japan called summer sonic with like The Doors, Radiohead, The Strokes, and all these bands. And, The Army of Freshmen came out there with us. And, it’s like sometimes you’re out there playing these things and you don’t have any reference points other than your own band. You don’t have anyone else who saw you play in another situation to remind you of how gnarly it is, so it was great to be there with Army of Freshmen cause we both like pinched each other to make sure we weren’t dreaming, you know they were there to pinch us and we were there to pinch them. Those guys are really sweet guys and we are really proud of them because they are an example of a band that really works their asses off. And, you know in spite of the music industry, they just do their thing. They work their asses off. They build real fans and they tour. You know I have to say, they impress me, when I saw them in Japan playing in front of 10,000 people, they held it down and uh I was proud to say we were from the same area code as them, it was cool.

TMF John: What is something that looking back you wish someone would have told you when you were first getting started?
Um, I would say my one regret, when I think back to my first band that I had in the early 90’s called Popsicko when I was in college, um, I would say the most important thing to do, as soon as you can, get on the road. Cause that’s where you really learn, I would say to a person just starting out playing music the first thing you should try and do, rather than sitting around jacking off with different guitar lessons, and guitar magazines. Start a band with your friends. That’s the best way to learn cause then you have incentive, you know the faster you get good, the better our band is gonna be and you encourage each other. If it sounds good and people like it you’re gonna be inspired to really get into music. So if you wanna be a musician, start a band. If you start a band, as soon as you can, get on the road. There’s nothing that makes a band come together, and learn the ropes better than just going out there on the road. I feel that’s one thing I wish I would have done sooner, was toured.

TMF John: While touring around the world is it ever difficult getting around not knowing the culture or the language?
Ya, sure it’s difficult. But, I wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s what makes it fun. You know half the fun in Japan is like going through the experience of trying to order something. There’s a lot of bands that make the mistake of looking for America in Europe and looking for America in Japan. Of course you’re gonna find the America- places like that is crap like McDonald’s, and you know, if you’re gonna waste your time eating that shit when you go over there, you’re not really going over there, that’s part of visiting the place. Part of visiting Paris, France isn’t just to see the Eiffel tower and getting your picture taken. It’s interacting with the people there, eating the food that they eat, walking on the streets that they walk on and that’s something we embrace. It’s an opportunity to travel to places and play music is so amazing that you might as well make the best of it, check the shit out you know.

TMF John: Has any trip to a certain country had a big influence on you?
Oh ya, we learned so much, in England you can…before I went to England with this band, I never knew you could eat something as good for you as uh, a deep friend mars bar, they have deep fried snickers over there it’s like imagine fish and chips, but it’s a candy bar deep fried, they have amazing flavors of potato chips like prawn cocktail and chicken, beef broth. You know, maybe we should go outside cause everyone’s afraid to talk in here, (talks to whole room) this interview is for Playboy, this is Hugh Hefner.?(Moves outside)
Marko: Alright, this is good, so ya, it’s actually, going over there and um seeing the people in Japan and seeing the way they react and they way they behave. They are so polite and they are so um, their society is so efficient there because it’s as simple as this, people are courteous to each other, people are respectful of their environment. They don’t litter. If they smoke, they put out their cigarettes in little jars that they bring. And, there’s hardly any crime. The service workers aren’t bitter cause they get treated with respect. The guys washing windows, the guys driving taxi cabs are wearing suits and they take pride in their job. It’s not like some guy who just got out of prison, like “where the fuck do you wanna go?” The fans are very grateful and courteous. They show up to the shows with gifts and lovingly written letters for you. They find us in the airport or like the hotel lobby, and it’s like you know, part of it’s just like a little bit silly, kind of like Beatle-mania kind of thing, but at the same time you don’t take it like that, you take it like these are people that are very respectful and very appreciative that we came all the over to their country to share our work with them. And, that’s how I sort of take it. That’s rubbed off on us a lot and I feel like Japan sort of reminded us how to be human beings because, with all do respect, somewhere along the way, it became ok to just be crass in this country. There are people that are just so fuckin crass, and you know, spoiled. They are just like, I don’t care if I’m a big ol’ fuckin fat slob, I’m just gonna eat another bucket of Kentucky fried chicken and be lazy and fuckin watch what’s on TV and buy what I’m told to buy and think what I’m told to think and you know, to me it’s just we have this amazing fucking thing in this country that a lot of people take for granted in many ways. You know, freedom, just cause you have freedom doesn’t mean you should just…it isn’t freedom to be a fucking lazy bastard. It’s freedom to make something amazing of your life. You know, that’s like the second half of the sentence you know, and um, from going to other countries, it reminds you how lucky we are to have the freedoms we have and the opportunities we have. And you just come back and you take a lot less stuff for granted and you take the most of everything you have been given. It’s pretty cool.

TMF John: How did your days in college affect the band, how was that experience?
Well, I was in college a while ago, I’m 31, so it’s been a long time I graduated in 1994 from UCSB. I was in a band the whole time, I was in a band called Popsicko, and we rehearsed there so it was great, cause I had free parking, I would just park at my rehearsal studio, but it was great, I always knew that music was what I wanted to do, but I had the opportunity to go college and expand my horizons. It didn’t really hindered it if anything, the thing I walked away from college with, the thing I think most people walk away from college with, you’re not gonna the most important thing about college is that you learn how to research, you learn how to write, you learn how to be resourceful, you learn to trust yourself, and you learn…above all, you learn how to pull off the impossible. I still don’t believe anyone does all of the reading they are assigned, I think the reason you are assigned so much reading is because, it’s them teaching you how to budget your time and how to be resourceful, and if there’s one skill I definitely learned in college that I’ve applied to my music career is that when everybody’s telling you there’s no fucking way you’re gonna possibly be able to pull this off, it’s 4 in the morning and you’ve got a 12 page paper due the next day, and your entire grade depends on it, you find a way to do it, or you find a way to talk to the teacher or professor and present a case. When there is a class that you really need or wanna be in, and you go and they say this class is full, I stayed anyway, and I took the class and just kept takin notes, and the teacher goes, “you know what, don’t tell anyone I did this, but you’re in”. It’s the same thing with the music industry cause you’re goin out there and the odds are stacked against you. There’s so many bands out there.

TMF John: What’s your favorite luxury on the bus when traveling?
Well the bus, we toured forever the first couple years were a convoy of compact cars, we graduated to a van with no trailer and uh then we went to an RV, this is the first tour we’ve actually been able to have our own bus, and that is an amazing luxury we didn’t even know existed. You know, it’s just so nice cause for the longest time, it was all of us crammed in a van, and we would get one hotel room a night, and one of us would sleep on the floor, there’s 5 of us on tour the 4 guys in the band and one guy selling merch, now we’ve got more people working for us, and this is our life, this is what we do all the time, so we finally found a way to make it a little bit more comfortable. You know we were sick all the time, we never got a full night’s sleep, you know cause even if you get a hotel room, you still gotta get up at the crack of dawn to make the 13 hour drive or whatever, so this is the luxury that we’ve afforded ourselves, as expensive as it is, we found a good drive that we really like, his name is cookie, we’ve got a tour bus and we rent it and it works out really good, it’s the most comfortable thing. After our singer is through with the back lounge, we usually have to get the shocks changed on the bus about twice a tour, no I’m just joking.

TMF John: When you were a kid, what was the first CD-or cassette that you could remember buying?
Ya, I like how you tailored that for my age range. First cassette I ever bought, the first band I ever really got into when I was a kid was KISS. The first cassettes I bought at the same time, one was ACDC “For Those About to Rock” and the other one was Men at Work “Business as Usual” I think it was you know, so I got one really wimpy pop CD and one really bad ass rock and roll CD. (Starts singing “We Come from the Land Down Under).

TMF John: You have an upcoming headlining tour, how is that gonna be different from the other tours you have done?
Well, ya, we’ve really only done one other headlining tour over America, that was with a band called Story of the Year opening for us. That was awesome, but the reason this is gonna be cool is it’s right around the time our new record comes out, so we go out and have 2 albums worth of material that people know, we have a new drummer, and um, I don’t know, we are just really excited about it. It will be nice. We will be playing at least an hour long set and be able to really dig into some of our material. We are really excited about being able to return the favor, you know so many bands took a chance on us, when we didn’t mean shit and gave us the chance to get in front of some fans and win them over so we are taking a lot of care in hand picking the bands that we are bringing out. We are bringing out like the first like a band called Motion City Soundtrack. We had them open for us in Europe. And, we just love those guys. They are one of the best new bands out there. Another great new band called Letter Kills on Island Records. And then for the second leg of this tour is a band called Mae, and Maxeen, another band that we love. So we are really excited to go out there and be able to play with bands that we think are great. It’s inspiring.

TMF John: Which of the new songs have you played live that have really hit well with the fans?
We have our song “Memory,” and that seemed to go over real well with people, so we decided to make it our first song released off of Palm Trees as a radio single, it’s not really our choice to decide what the single is gonna be, cause to tell the truth none of us listen to the radio. We listen to our CDs and our iPods. But, the fans are an example of the general public, and if they really seem to dig a song, then fuck it. You know that’s how we released bouncing off the walls. We put a poll on our website, and so we just kinda felt like people were responding to “Memory.” People seem to really like a song called “What you Say.” It’s kind of just a 2 chord rock song. It’s kind of fun to play. I think it’s hard to go out and play new songs to people when they have become accustomed to Start Static cause they don’t know the songs yet, so once the record comes out it will be interesting to see which songs resonate with people the most.

Marko: These girls are just like, “when is he ever gonna stop talking?” You have good questions though. Most of these are not as interesting as these are.
TMF John:
Thank you, we spent a long time coming up with them.
Marko: I really appreciate you asking original questions.

TMF John: What do you think was the best album that came out in 2003?
I can’t pinpoint what the best album was, I can just give you a gut instinct of an album that as a band we all really liked a lot. It actually came out on a major label, it came out on Virgin. It’s a band called Ima Robot. It’s a really kind of wacky band. It’s the old bass and drum player for Beck, his backing band. This singer guy that just has this wacky David Bowie mixed with Devo sort of vocal style. They are really quirky and really interesting. I really liked that Motion City Soundtrack record. It has grown on me a lot, I think that they could very well kick Weezer off the map. Like everybody else in the world, I liked that white stripes record, elephant, it’s a great rock record. One of the most amazing musical moments this year was that Led Zeppelin DVD. To see something that was like exhumed from the dead and brushed off, and remastered and put out on DVD, it’s almost creepy to watch something that was filmed in 1973 and watch it like it’s happening in the next room. We watched that almost every single day on the tour with Story of the Year, that was really a neat musical moment. I’m sure I’ll think of like 5 others while I’m going to bed tonight and I’ll just be like “oh, I need to call that guy John, fuck, I told him the wrong record.”

TMF John: Ok, last question, in 60 seconds, sell Palm Trees and Power Lines.
In 60 seconds, sell our new record, um “hey, anyone wanna buy a burned copy of palm trees and power lines right now? You got about 50 seconds left” I don’t think I got any takers. Do either of you guys want a copy (speaking to some observers) I’ll give you a discount, a dollar for a burned copy. Promise not to put it on the internet? All right, there ya go, I just sold our new record. Cool man, thank you.

Interview: Story of the Year

By themedia | January 16, 2011

Band: Story of the Year
Label: Maverick Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: January 27, 2004
Conducted by: Chad Malone

As I enter the dressing room of Story of the Year, there are greetings all around. The tour manager tries to find us a place to sit down and interview, and he leaves the room for a moment. Dan Marsala and I get our “how ya doings” out of the way, and the tour manager comes back in and says we have to do it where we were standing. We walk over to two pull out chairs that were sitting on top of bathroom towels with hair shavings on them. I walk over to the chair, and one of the towels has a red-ish goo on it.
DAN: That’s just hair dye, it’s not blood. It looks like blood, but it’s hair dye.
TMF Chad: Surrre.?We sit down and begin our interview.

TMF Chad: I think we established how you’re doing.
Doing well, doing very well. My voice is a little… (he rubs his throat)
TMF Chad: Yeah, after that show…
TMF Chad:
How do you like touring with Hoobastank, POD, and Linkin Park?
DAN: Aww, it’s been awesome so far, like uh.. we been on a bout a week now or so… maybe a little more, and the Linkin Park dudes are totally awesome. The first day they like came up and are all just like “Hey guys, welcome to the tour. Blah Blah Blah. If anything goes wrong, let us know, come straight to us, we’ll take care of anything, ya know if anybody… if you have a problem with anybody on the tour, just let us know.” They’re just really cool guys. And like, they just come out and hang out in our dressing room and stuff. Everybody’s really cool, like POD they look all tough. They’re all sleeved and mean lookin’, and -but like, I’ve been singing the last song with Linkin Park, like me and Sonny from POD, and what’s his face from Hoobastank.
TMF Chad: Doug.
Doug, yeah right, and we’ve all been singing the last song. We’ve all been going on stage and Sonny’s always like “Hey man, what’s up dude?” He’s like so nice. And Hoobastank, those guys are really cool. We’ve been hanging out with them a lot. It’s just an awesome tour. You’re kind of worried at first, because it’s so big and different, ya know? We didn’t know ’cause like, every band on this tour is like total platinum two million records, and we’re just this little new band.
TMF Chad: Yeah, four of my favorite bands.
Yeah, it’s been really cool so far.

TMF Chad: Now that 2003 is over with, give us your Story of the Year.
(laughs) The story for us is touring. That’s all that I remember of 2003. We started recording at the end of 2002, and we finished into 2003. We recorded three songs in December of 2002 so, really I guess the beginning of the year was all recording. We wrote and recorded cause we started touring in April so. Yeah, just a lot of shows.
TMF Chad: You had some big tours last summer, Warped Tour?
Yeah, well we started out in April with The Used, and Thrice, and My Chemical Romance and that was awesome. That was the best first tour for the record right out of the studio.
TMF Chad: I love Thrice.
Yeah Thrice. Thrice just tops all bands on being really cool guys and just being an awesome band all together. And, we did that… then we did the Warped Tour – we did like side stages and stuff, which was fun, it was really fun. This year we’re actually doing main stages so that’s awesome. So that’s going to be a bonus. And after that… I don’t know. We’ve done a lot of touring this year. We did a couple of low headline days, went out with Sugarcult for about a month and a half… some stuff with Yellowcard, a lot of touring! That’s our job. That’s all we gotta do ya know? It’s not that hard. It’s what we love.
TMF Chad: Can’t ask for more!

TMF Chad: Give our readers your best pitch to go out and buy your CD.
(laugh)?(another band member chimes in about being on David Letterman)
DAN: That’s weird. You heard that. On the record! We’re gonna be on David Letterman, why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you buy the album? (jokingly)
TMF Chad: (laughs) There ya go, the perfect plug.
Well, see us live, first of all. In order to get the feeling, the REAL feeling of the songs. Because, I dunno, it’s like the album is good, and we’re happy with it, but it doesn’t really capture the live feel as we wanted it to. I mean, but it’s got the energy. That’s all we’re about, we’re just about having a good time and putting all our energy into something and having as much energy as the kids – just having a good time. And, just rockin’. See ya gotta see the show, then you need the album so you can learn the songs to come back to the show and do it again and sing with us.

TMF Chad: That kind of answers my next question, which is. Do you prefer the artistic side of the studio or the energy from a live performance?
Umm… I don’t know. I think it just depends on what you’re doing at the time, like now… (a piece of spit flies out of his mouth and lands on his leg) I just spit on myself. Like now we’re kind of at that point where we’re ready to start writing again, but while we’re wrote a bunch of stuff we recorded and it’s just like “Ok, we’ve been sitting too long.” We’ve been sitting in the studio totally ready to go out and play. Ya know, playing shows is awesome. That’s why people start playing music. That’s why we, all of us started playing music in the first place was just to… I mean going to a show is one of the coolest things in the world ya know? Seeing a good show and actually having a band play for you… like just… getting a good feeling. It’s an awesome experience. That’s why we all started playing music. But I mean writing is awesome, recording is really awesome. And we’re definitely going to be ready soon to start doing that again. Its like…you get a little bit of both. Anything gets old after awhile.
TMF Chad: Best of both worlds.

TMF Chad: If you could hire any female actress to be an obsessive roadie for you, who would it be?
(laughs) A roadie… a female actress roadie… (laughs) that would be funny. Jennifer Aniston. She’s the best. She’s my favorite actress. I mean she’s hot.
TMF Chad: This is very true.
She’s just a good actress. I really like her. She’s good. She’s very good.

TMF Chad: After reading your other interviews you guys seem to bring up being rather accident prone. Do you think it’s a curse put on your band?
I dunno. If you could see my finger on the tape recorder…?(Dan holds up a finger with a completely black finger nail on it)
TMF Chad: Oh geez!
This happened about a week ago. And I was running on that stage… cause it’s real long, so we’re always running , and I tried to do a little jack thing and have fun but I like jumped from, those like speakers in front and I kinda jumped across the little corner back onto the stage, and my foot missed the stage. And I was like whoa! I had the mic in my hand and my knee landed on it. I broke the mic and my nail is all black… you (to the tape recorder) can’t see that, but yeah it hurt bad. Then, I sprained both my ankles at the beginning of the show two days ago. I don’t know what happened, my ankles just gave out. I just ran to one side, I stopped and one ankle went BOOM! (makes a gesture with his hand and wrist representing his foot and ankle and shows a horrific example) and I was like Ow! So I turned and the other one went BOOM! And I was like Ahhh! I was like “What the hell!?” It was before the song even came in.
TMF Chad: God!
So yeah, I don’t know. Maybe we are cursed. But I dunno. Lately we haven’t had any serious injuries. Just little ankle twisted, and I fell on my finger. But I mean, nothing like… no hospital visits for the last couple tours actually so. I should probably knock on wood or something.
TMF Chad: You have ESP or something because you keep answering my questions before I get to them.

TMF Chad: My next question was going to be if anyone has been in the hospital yet this tour seeing as how it’s not even two weeks underway.
No hospital visits… We all have shin splints. I don’t know if anybody know what shin splints are. Dude, it sucks bad cause it’s just from jumping and stuff. It’s just like impact and stuff when your muscle tears away from your bone or something but, that happens to me and our guitar player Ryan a lot. That doesn’t go away, the only way for it to go away is like rest… like rest your shins. But we can’t rest… we’d just have to stand there (on stage) and we aren’t just gonna stand there. We do what we can. We wrap them up, take some Tylenol before the show or something. Mine haven’t been bad lately so that’s good. Everything’s been good on the whole lately.
TMF Chad: That’s good, good.

TMF Chad: Shameless Self Promotion… good or bad?
(laughs) I’d say it’s alright. I mean… Jason Newstead wore a Metallica shirt at every Metallica show for his whole career I think. Nobody ever made fun of Jason Newstead.
TMF Chad: (laughs) That’s true.
Yeah, I dunno. I always used to sport Story of the Year shirts all the time. I don’t really do it anymore, and I don’t really talk about the band too much anymore. I try to act like I’m not in the band whenever I’m not in like a musical type of thing cause I just wanna lay low and not be that band guy all the time. So I dunno… it’s all good.

TMF Chad: If your band story of the year was a movie, give us your tag-line.
“We Will Rip Your Face Off.”
TMF Chad: (laughs)
That used to be what we put on our fliers.
TMF Chad: The ones you used to say Metallica was coming to the show?
Yeah! We used to do that too. We were like “Eve 6 will be there!” And, we’d just put the most random bands. And, at the bottom we’d put “We Will Rip Your Face Off.?”
TMF Chad (laughs)
I don’t know why, but that was our slogan.
TMF Chad: Gotta have something.
Represents the intensity.

TMF Chad: It’s easy to see you’re influenced by 80′s hair metal bands, especially Metallica.
Did you see the cover?
TMF Chad: I missed it, I’ve heard about it on the message boards and I really wanted to see it, but yeah…
Yeah it was fun, tonight was really good. It was a Metallica cover. We’re trying to keep it secret, but you can know on the internet… it’s Enter Sandman. It was fun tonight. But yeah Adam’s favorite band is definitely Metallica, also Pantera.
TMF Chad: Yeah, those used to be two of my favorite bands back in the day too.
Yeah we watched A Year and a Half in the Life of Metallica like once a week… that video. It’s the best video ever made. But yeah, I was born to like Guns ‘n Roses and Skid Row. Skid Row was always my favorite band, I don’t know why. Sebastian Bach, he’s the man. Yeah that’s the reason I started liking that type of music, rock in general, that’s what got me into it. Until Nirvana came out, ruined that whole 80′s thing.

TMF Chad: (laughs) How would you say that the 80′s have shaped your recordings and your live performance?
It definitely shaped the live performance. I doubt… I dunno… with the recording maybe. We didn’t get to do a lot of guitar stuff, like Feldman, our producer, he’s not into guitars a whole lot, like every time we do some 80′s metal squeal, he’s like “What’s this Whitesnake shit, dude? What are you doing?” and we’re like “Dude it’s awesome!” and he’s like “Nah man, that shit’s not cool.” So it didn’t really come across in the recording; but , anyone can see it in our show. 80′s metal was all about the show, bands were running around slamming over each other and swinging their hair. I mean we don’t have cool hair to swing, but I mean, It was all about fucking… watching the band just kick ass. I mean we aren’t totally 80′s, we’re not like cheesy, but we definitely like to put the energy into it, and really try to impress people. Just be into it as much as the kids, ya know? I just hate it when a band is just standing there and just playing their song, sometimes you can tell they are really into it and it’s good as long as you are into your music, but it’s always better give somebody something. That’s what we get from the 80′s.
TMF Chad: Gotcha.
We did steal a few moves.
TMF Chad: Did you?
We have these Poison and Skid Row DVDs… no actually they’re on VHS. But, there’s like uh… I dunno, we don’t really do it anymore, but like Ryan will do a summersault and someone will jump over him, and we got that stuff from Poison. And they’d do like these weird back-rolls and just summersaults and all kinds of weird stuff. We definitely stole a lot of that from Poison. The guitar spins ya know…
TMF Chad: Sounds like that’ll put ya in the hospital too.
Yeah, that’ll do it to ya!

TMF Chad: Until the day you die, what do you vow to do?
(to himself) what do I vow to do…(thinking) what do I vow to do-have fun. Never be old. I don’t ever want to grow up. I don’t care if I’m 100 years old. I refuse to eat normal food. I still eat like I’m a 10 year old kid like I’ll only eat like -we eat bad fast food all the time. And like I still get it just plain like cheeseburgers just plain and just fries. I’ll be really picky, like I’m still 10 years old. I haven’t grown out of that whole food thing, I dunno, but I think it’s cool. I just wanna stay young and have fun the rest of my life.
TMF Chad: Maybe you can be a representative for Toys ‘R Us “I don’t wanna grow up.”

TMF Chad: When you’re on the road and you start to miss home, what do you do to ease your mind and fill your time?
Well it’s easier for me cause my girlfriend is our merch girl and she’s over there (she waves) so she’s always kinda with us. She’s actually not going to do anymore after this tour so maybe you need to ask this in a couple months. But for the rest of the guys, I dunno. It’s really cool cause everyone in our road crew is all of our friends from St. Louis like our Drum tech doesn’t play drums, he’s never touched a drum in his life until we brought him out. He was like our best friend from HS and we all worked at Papa John’s delivering pizzas together. But, we made him come out and we’re like “Dude, we’ll pay you as much as we can just come out and just set the drums up how hard is that?” And, he figured it out and he’s good now. He’s just our friend, our tour manager is a friend from St. Louis-everybody. we brought every one of our friends out to make it sweet. We don’t even care about having professional people we just try to have all our friends so you don’t miss home as much cause your friends are here.
TMF Chad: Brings good vibes too.
Yeah, and we try to fly people out as often as possible just to hang out. Recently… now that we’re big enough to have a bus now. We can actually fit more people in. But, other than that, we just play video games and talk on the phone a lot.
TMF Chad: What video games?
Tony Hawk Underground. That’s what I play. There’s a lot of Halo that goes on too. We have a Playstation 2 and an Xbox, so yeah, other than that we’re on a game called Need For Speed Underground and we’ve been playing that just cause we’re on it. Not very many games really. We watch TV. We sit. We hang out really. We’re just sitting around, cause we’re all friends. We’ve been friends forever so we can have fun just sitting around.
TMF Chad: That’s sweet, that’s good.
Yes, it is a good thing.

TMF Chad: What’s a one hit wonder you’d like to see make a comeback?
(thinks) Really like to see make a come back?
TMF Chad: Yeah?.
Most one hit wonders weren’t very good though.
TMF Chad: Probably why they were one hit wonders in the first place.
Yeah. Hold on, I can get one…. I know there were some 80′s one hit wonders that should have been better. Most bands did alright. There was this one band called Firehouse.
TMF Chad: I like Firehouse.
They weren’t a one hit wonder, they had a few hits. I had that tape I just loved Firehouse. Slaughter -Slaughter was pretty big. They had a couple albums full of good stuff. Remember Chumbawumba?
TMF Chad: Ha! Yeah, I remember them.
That song was horrible, but … they should have continued on. Those dudes with the “Who Let the Dogs Out” song, good thing they were a one hit wonder. Story of the Year! I wish they would come back… with that one hit they had… they just kind of died out after that. (laughter)

TMF Chad: The last group of questions are a word association… I say a word and you say the first thing that comes to mind.
TMF Chad: “Music”
Life… every day, all the time, that’s all it is, music! We either play music, listen to music, or are writing music, thinking about music, or talking about music, or…
TMF Chad: Next word.. “Life” (laughs)
MUSIC! (laughs) No… um… friends. Friends are life.
TMF Chad: “Awesome”
Enter Sandman covers by Story of the Year, that is awesome!
TMF Chad: “Horrible”
Ooo. what am I thinking… what comes to my head…. uhh…
TMF Chad: Pickles?
ONIONS! You gave me a hint there. I can do pickles, no onions, onions are horrible. And Mayonnaise! No mayonnaise, mayonnaise is the worst! Half of us like mayonnaise half of us hate it.?(Ryan Phillips puts a CD in a boombox and it plays for about 5 seconds then he stops and sings “Comin’ at you like a thunder bolt!”)
DAN: That’s Ryan. He’s our guitar player… he’s very odd.
RYAN: And fuckin’ hot!
DAN: He’s good lookin’ though.
TMF Chad: (laughs) The last one is kinda fun… “Corey Feldman”
Fuckin’ YES! The Burbs. The Burbs. The Burbs with Tom Hanks. That’s all you gotta say about Corey Feldman. And, The Goonies! and um… License To Drive! And every other good movie that he’s in. Corey Feldman is the man!
TMF Chad: He needs to make the comeback!
Dude, he definitely does! Well, he was on that show, that reality show. He didn’t seem how he used to be, he seemed like a wuss on that show. I dunno, but he was awesome. My favorite movie ever is The Burbs. That’s a good one!

After the interview, Dan and I discuss our mohawks and look for some promotional photos for them to sign. We hang out for a little while longer, take a few pictures, I thank him for his time, and we all part on the best of terms.

Interview: The Starting Line

By themedia | January 14, 2011

Band: The Starting Line
Label: Geffen Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: July 3, 2005
Conducted by: John Frank

TMF: You just put out a new record, how’s the success of that? Are you happy with it?
I’m happy with how the record came out, definitely. I think that some people still don’t really get it. There are just some people that are kinda stuck on our old ways and they can’t really accept it. That’s kind of cool that it left some people behind because we’re down with taking ourselves musically to wherever we can go. I’m very happy with how the record came out and it seems like it’s getting a pretty good response.

TMF: What inspired you to do the movie theme?
I guess I was just watching a lot of television or watching too much television. When I was writing songs I’d have the TV on all the time and there had always been a celebrity top 100 countdown list of worst hairdos or worst fucking things, born on the red carpet or whatever. Then I’d wind up on that station and it’d always be there. It was driving me nuts. That was the only thing that we could really think about for a few of the songs so we figured it’d be the theme of this one.

TMF: Do you feel like it’s a more mature record than the last one?
I think so. We weren’t playing down to anybody or trying to make it understandable for younger fans. We were trying to do what we were capable of now that we’re this old.
TMF: I really like some of the lyrics on there. There are a couple references to the girls on the last album. You talk about friends in hell; I don’t remember the song name. It’s very sharp.
Right.Yeah, thanks.

TMF: “Bedroom Talk.” How’s that song go over with fans? Is that the most popular one?
It’s the most popular and the most unpopular. I mean, I think that it’s funny. I don’t know if funny is the word, but I think the chorus is clever and nobody has really kinda touched on that kind of thing in our scene. I think it kinda threw people for a loop so I expected the kind of controversy it would have.
TMF: Before I heard the song I just kept hearing that there was this really dirty Starting Line song and I heard it and I didn’t think it was all that dirty.
TSL: It’s kind of like “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” People blew it way out of proportion. It’s funny that bands can talk about slitting their throats and slitting wrists, but I’m talking about having a little bit of fun in the bedroom and all of a sudden it’s not appropriate or something.
TMF: In rap songs, they talk about that all those things.
TMF: The video on MTV, they edited the chorus line. Did you know that would be edited? The chorus line “I’m gonna tear your ass up,” they don’t say that in the video.
TSL: Oh they don’t? I’ve seen it on Fuse and they show all of it.
TMF: Yeah, I caught it once on MTV…
and they just deleted the whole thing out?
TMF: Yeah, they have your mouth moving and nothing coming out.
Really? Wow. I didn’t know. That’s the first that I’ve heard that they’ve edited it out. They did a radio edit but it was just the word ass that they took out. I’ve never seen it played and everytime we’ve played it, we’ve never had a problem at a show.

TMF: For you, what is your favorite song off your record?
For me, “Ready” is probably my favorite because it has a message that I really wanted to send as clearly as I could through the record. I feel like that song is where I’m really most vulnerable and where my intricacies really come out. It’s not a straight four chorus, first chorus, formula it’s more of starting out small and getting as big as you can possibly get by the end. That’s where I want to go musically.

TMF: You guys had the acoustic ep, do you think you’re going to head more towards an acoustic sound or mix it up?
We’ve been writing a lot on acoustic and I thought of having an additional record like the next one where it would be acoustic songs that we had left over. I’m writing, but I think instead I’m going to translate it to electric and just try to pull it off doing that instead of just having guitar. I think it was cool for that record, but I really just want to have a lot more going on.

TMF: What are your plans after Warped Tour?
I think we’re going to Japan and Australia with MxPx and probably doing a week full of UK shows. Then after that, we’re going to be going out in the fall for a US tour with Fall Out Boy. That’ll be big.

TMF: You’re going to be traveling in the UK and Japan, do you like going overseas or would you rather tour in America?
I’m anxious to get overseas because it’s been a while since we’ve gone to those places. The first time we ever went to Japan was 2 or 3 years ago and it was an amazing experience. I couldn’t believe how many people actually knew us over there. I’ve been getting word second-hand that people have been asking when we are going to come back and stuff like that so I’m definitely anxious to get there. And Australia is a place I’ve always wanted to go since I was a little kid so it’s going to be awesome.

TMF: Even though you just put out a new record, do you have a target time of when you might want to put out a new record?
I’d like to have the next record recorded by the end of next year, so the next record I’d like coming out by 2007. It seems so far away, but it’s definitely a lot quicker then this one came out because we’re getting a head start.

TMF: Do you like the bigger label (Geffen)? Is there much of a difference really?
There’s a big difference and that’s kind of what a lot of the album is about. It’s all the stuff that came along with the struggle of getting used to the big label. It’s kind of impersonal. When you work with an independent label like Drive-Thru you only really have to deal with two people in order to actually get something done. You can talk to one person and say we need “blah blah blah” or “we have to do this this and this” and it’d actually get done because that’s the person you go to, but with a major label there’s so many departments and so many people working. People you do know won’t be in charge of this thing and nobody really claims responsibility if something doesn’t get done. They’ll just shovel you off to some other department that you’ve never talked to before. I’d rather work with an independent label, but as long as I can make music and people are listening to it, I can’t complain.

TMF: What are the different bands you have on your wrist?
This is Iowa State, some kid who gave it to me. I’ll probably gonna replace it with something that actually means something. This is S.Carter from Reebok that says, “Can’t Knock the Hustle.” This is Jay-Z’s shoe and this is Tsunami.
TMF: There are so many out there now. The only one I actually know is the yellow one.
Yeah, I used to have one, but it fell off when I was leaving.

TMF: Do you feel like you’d like to continue doing Warped Tour for as long as you can?
Yeah, as long as they want to have me back. It’s an awesome tour to be on, but I love playing club shows and I love playing with guitar bands.
TMF: Do you think Warped Tour has helped add to your success and fanbase?
Definitely. I remember in the early days when we didn’t even have a record out, there would still be a lot of people watching us at the Drive-thru stage. They wouldn’t know the newer stuff that we played because I don’t have the material, but just because there were so many people watching I feel like that was where a lot of our fans came from when we went back for the city tours.

TMF: Do a lot of fans cling to the older stuff?
TMF: I know the first time I heard you was on the Atticus compilation, “Greg’s Last Day.” That song is so much different than now. It sounds like a totally different band.
Yeah, totally. Fans do cling to the old songs and I guess I was probably guilty of that when I was going to see bands that I really liked. When I was going to see Face to Face, I didn’t want them to play “God is a Man,” I wanted them to play fucking “Disconnected” and everything on Big Choice. Coming from the other side of that and being so anxious to show people the stuff that I’ve been working on and thinking it’s such an improvement. It’s tough to find a middle ground where they’re happy and you’re happy.

TMF: Do you have any closing remarks or anything you want to leave the readers with?
If you didn’t like the record, listen to it another time. Then if you don’t like it that time then give it to someone that actually likes good music.

Interview: Rufio

By themedia | January 14, 2011

Band: Rufio (Clark and Scott)
Label: Nitro Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: August 29, 2004
Conducted by: John Frank

TMF: How have things been going with the tours lately?
Overall it’s been a good tour, but overall, its been problems with the band and frustrations with the Warped Tour kicking in.
Clark: It’s been a rad tour though.

TMF: For people who haven’t heard you guys before, how would you definite Rufio?
Rufio…yeah, I don’t know, rock…quality rock.
Clark: Titties.

TMF: You had a lot of success with 1985, what is in the works as the follow up?
After this tour we are supposed to go into the studio.

TMF: What kind of sound or direction do you want to go into with this new album?
We don’t have a direction, but we want to add more rock, more melody. We are going to take our time on this one.
TMF: I like the sound of your song “Pirates”, I would be happy if the new album went in that direction.
Scott: Most people don’t like that song, but we play it anyways because we like it. We like that song because it’s like fantasy level guitar, its fun to play, it makes me happy
Clark: I get a boner every time.

TMF: Do you guys prefer going out and touring or writing and recording music?
Scott: Writing and recording.
Clark: Bowling…haha, I like elements of both though.
Scott: I like recording.
Clark: I like recording cause it’s like you are in a studio and you’re at home and all of that
Scott: I like recording cause it’s making music and it’s what I set out to do, the reason I was in this band is because I like writing music and all of that, I am more into the creation, but I still love playing.

TMF: When you are playing live, what kind of reaction do you like getting out of the crowd?
Scott and Clark: Intense craziness, sweating, guns, violence, murder, killing each other
Scott: I like it when they just go nuts. I love it when the crowd is all over the place and like getting knocked in the teeth by the mic.

TMF: So you would rather have bad energy or no energy?
Bad energy sucks, I would rather get no energy.
Clark: What I don’t get about our crowds is they chant “Rufio” between our songs, but that doesn’t make sense…we are already playing.
Scott: It’s kind of cool cause they want you to come out, but we are already there.
TMF: At least you know they still want you on stage.
Ya, I think it’s rad.

TMF: What do you guys think of the recent growth of pop punk and emo emerging into the mainstream? Do you ever get any crap about being too poppy?
Nope, not at all, I think our fans are awesome, like if you come to our shows, it seems like our crowd is a lot more open minded, we don’t really have scene kids at our shows, it just kids looking for a good time.

TMF: Who are the bands that you want to go see on tour as a fan?
I don’t know dude, I haven’t been to a show in so long.
TMF: What was the last one you went to?
I don’t even remember. Clark, what about you?
Clark: Dave Matthews.
Scott: I saw them play one time and I wanted to be so close, but I was in the grass in the back. Actually Coldplay, I would love to be up front and sweaty as hell watching Coldplay.

TMF: When you were younger, did you ever think you would be in a band, or did it just kind of happen?
Scott: umm, I never really said that I wanted to be in a band, it just happened I guess.
Clark: Who was drinking all the beer? It smells really strong out here.
Scott: It smells good.

TMF: What song off the record do you wish people responded better towards?
I wish they liked all of them, but I wish people liked “Pirate.”
Clark: Some do.
Scott: I wish that was like the cool song.

TMF: On the new album would you guys want less production than on 1985, or just a different type of production?
Clark: I think I want a different style.
Scott: Not necessarily more or less, but just a different approach.
Clark: More harsh.
Scott: Use different programs I guess.
Clark: More professional sounding.

TMF: Do you guys enjoy this type of club touring or more of the festivals like Warped Tour?
They are both a lot of fun, the thing I like about the festivals is that you get your name out to a lot of people just walking by.

TMF: Any last words you want the readers to get?
Scott: Umm, Clark has a hot ass.
Clark: Sure do, I’m like the hottest member of Rufio.
Scott: Any ladies if you’re out there…uhh, let you know that I’m uhh…
Clark: Attracted to Clark.
Scott: I think that’s it. Thank you.

Interview: Rise Against

By themedia | January 14, 2011

Band: Rise Against
Label: Geffen Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: August 05, 2004
Conducted by: Julie Wagoner

TMF: If your band were given the chance to appear on a billboard, what catchphrase or slogan would you like to have posted on the board to describe your band?
Rise Against:
Wow, that’s kind of a tough one. I would say, “Believe in Something.” We actually- when we sign stuff we usually write that.
TMF: So you make it more personal?
Rise Against:

TMF: Tell us about your upcoming album.
Rise Against:
Well, the upcoming album comes out August 10th. It’s called Siren Song of the Counter Culture. I think for Rise Against fans- they’ll enjoy it. It’s a natural progression from our 2nd record. It’s something we’re really proud of. We worked really hard on it. There’s nothing too crazy ya know? It’s not like we introduce keyboards or anything like that (laughs) The aggression that we have on our last record, our first record is still maintained. I think some songs might be a little bit more on the aggressive side.

TMF: What was the most difficult thing to master this time around?
Rise Against:
Oh, the recording process?
TMF: Yeah.
Rise Against:
I think everything went pretty smooth. Nothing was actually too difficult. If anything, recording bass and guitar is where it feels extra tedious like tuning had to be dead on. Our engineer would be like – every note was like tuned while we played which was really tedious but that was probably it.

TMF: What song off your upcoming album do you feel fans will relate to the most?
Rise Against:
I think there’s a song on there called “The First Drop.” And, I think lyrically it’s something the punk rock community can instantly identify with. Tim writes all the lyrics and we all have our different interpretations of our songs. It’s kind of like a song written out of frustration with the current state of affairs.

TMF: What’s something that looking back you wish someone had told you earlier?
Rise Against:
Well, nothing with the band. But, when I was in high school, I wish someone would’ve said “It’s okay to voice your opinion.” I was always the quiet kid in the corner like really pissed off about things but never really telling anyone about it. That’s what we try to convey to our audience like speak up. It’s okay to voice opinions.

TMF: A movie is being made about your band. Who would you cast to play each member?
Rise Against:
I’d say Jim Carrey for our guitar player, Chris. And then, I’d say John C. Riley for our drummer because he looks just like John C. Riley. For me, I don’t know. I’d probably pick a wildcard like Webster or something. (laughs) Our singer Tim- shit I don’t know. That’s a tough one. I don’t know who would fit his look and image but I’m gonna say Eddie Murphy. (laughs)

TMF: If you could hire any female actress to be one of your roadies, who would you pick?
Rise Against:
Angelina Jolie.
TMF: That’s the first time I’ve heard that today. It surprises me. I expected to hear it from a lot of the others.

TMF: How have the departures of certain band members affected you musically? ?Rise Against: It hasn’t had much effect on us at all because Tim and I write all of the songs.
TMF: So, it’s kinda like having extras coming in and out? ?(laughs)
Rise Against:
Pretty much. Although on this record – Chris, our new guitar player, brought a song to the table that we used. But, the bulk of the material is like Tim and I so nothing was really lost.

TMF: Do you guys find time to write on the road?
Rise Against:
Yeah, we tour so much. Normally, it’s on the road or wherever we can, ya know? Whenever I pick up a guitar, I usually come up with a new idea by messing around. I’d say anytime is when we’re writing.

TMF: How do you plan to change the world beyond your music?
Rise Against:
We’ll do things with PETA. It’s still kinda through the music thing like we did signings at their tent to bring our fans over to their tent to look at the literature. That’s a really big thing like animal rights. I’d say signings and if we put a leak on our website. Outside of my everyday life- well basically music is my everyday life so it’s kinda hard to separate the two.

TMF: What’s next for you guys?
Rise Against:
We’re going out with Bad Religion in October through Thanksgiving. It’s a North American tour and that’s a really big deal to me. They’ve been one of my favorite bands since I got Suffer when it first came out. I was really young and I’m still in love with it. It’s a big deal.

Interview: Reel Big Fish

By themedia | January 14, 2011

Band: Reel Big Fish
Label: Jive Records
Official Site: Click here
Date: July 13, 2004
Conducted by: Jordan Hoefar

TMF Jordan: What’s the best part of being in a band for a living, or the worst?
RBF Justin:
Best part is getting to play music and tour the world… and make a living doing it. Yeah, get paid. The worst part is being bored. Having nothing to do, and that’s really not that bad. Sitting around and watching movies.
TMF Jordan: Hangin’ out…
RBF Justin:
Hanging out, what we’re doing right now…

TMF Jordan: What’s your most memorable show moment?
RBF Justin:
Right now it’s probably uh… a few weeks ago we were in Canada, and Scott was singing, stood up on a monitor, and fell off the front of the stage…About a six or seven foot drop.
TMF Brett: Is that the trombonist… or what’s he play?
RBF Justin:
He plays trumpet, and guitar, and keyboard, and vocals, and harmonica, and he can play the flute, a little bit of the saxophone, he does some percussion stuff, he can play the drums, he can play the xylophone…What else can he do? The triangle…
RBF Aaron: He can whistle six different ways…
RBF Justin: …Yes, he’s very talented.

TMF Jordan: If you could be in any other band which band would it be?
RBF Justin:
Metallica…I would be in Metallica.
RBF Aaron: You’d be in Metallica…
RBF Justin: I would…
RBF Aaron: Hmmmmmm…. Hmmmmmm…. Hmmmmm. Nope. Pass. ?(Laughter)

TMF Jordan: Where’s your favorite place to eat on the road?
RBF Justin:
The Cracker Barrel… I love the Cracker Barrel… They don’t have them in California. I haven’t had a chance to hit one up yet… They’re good.
RBF Aaron: Hooters!
RBF Justin: …They’re good. We ate at Hooters…
RBF Aaron: 911 Wings…
RBF Justin: We ate at Hooters in Virginia, Virginia Beach.
TMF Jordan: Really, was it good?
RBF Justin: It was raining… And it was…Was it July 4th?
RBF Aaron:Yeah.
RBF Justin: It was July 4th, Independence Day.
RBF Aaron: We tried to eat there last night but it was closed.
TMF Jordan: That sucks…
RBF Justin:
We were in New Orleans…
TMF Jordan: Oh last night? Did you like it out there?
RBF Justin:
TMF Jordan: That place is really cool.
RBF Justin:
With the drugs and the girls…
TMF Jordan: Jazz…

TMF Jordan: What do you do to keep from killing each other on the road…Going insane while being locked up for hours?
RBF Justin:
Don’t talk to each other.
RBF Aaron: Ignore them.

TMF Jordan (to Aaron): You and Matt are good friends, right?
RBF Aaron:
Says who?!?(laughs)
TMF Jordan: …So who do you think would win in a fight, you or Matt?
RBF Aaron:
RBF Justin: You guys are good friends (pointing to Brett and Jordan)… Who would win in a fight?
TMF Brett: He would.
TMF Jordan: Maybe… on a good day.

TMF Brett: No, I would win because he’s too nice… I’d whoop his ass. He’d be like “Okay, we can settle this.” Then I’d jump back on.
TMF Jordan: Yeah, he’d probably stab me in the back.
TMF Brett: Nooo…?(laughs)

TMF Jordan: What’s currently in your CD player?
RBF Justin:
Billy Talent… Have you ever heard of Billy Talent?
TMF Jordan: Yeah, I have.
RBF Justin: They’re awesome.
TMF Jordan: Really good band…
RBF Justin:
…Really good band.
TMF Jordan (looking at Aaron): Yours?
RBF Aaron:
Billy Joel. Have you heard of Billy Joel?
TMF Jordan: Yeah.
RBF Aaron:
He’s got talent.
RBF Justin: He’s got talent. ?(laughter) You’re not gonna misquote us in this interview, are you?
TMF Jordan: No… I gotcha covered. But I dunno… I might put you down for Backstreet Boys or something, though.
RBF Justin: Ohhh.

TMF Jordan: What do you believe aided to your success the most as you guys were working your way up?
RBF Justin:
RBF Aaron:
Radio airplay and constant touring. and having good music.

TMF Brett: Is there any particular group or people that annoy you that the song “Big Star” was aimed towards?
RBF Aaron:
TMF Brett: …Just generic? Felt like writing it?
RBF Aaron:
TMF Brett: Pass? (Pause)
RBF Aaron:
That’s the first time anyone’s ever asked us about that.
RBF Justin: Nobody’s ever asked us about “Big Star”?
RBF Aaron: Like it never existed.
TMF Brett: ‘Cause I always wondered… Like…
RBF Aaron:
‘Till nooww.
TMF Brett: “Turn Off the Radio” was all bashing sell outs and then the second album was like “Ah! I’m a Big Star!”
RBF Aaron:
It was bashing sell outs?
TMF Brett: It was joking with the Snoop Dogg song… I dunno…
RBF Aaron:
I dunno… mixed messages… Everything sucks, everything’s cool. ?(laughter)
RBF Justin: We just started playing “Big Star” again on this tour.
TMF Brett: Oh yeah? Are you playing it tonight?
RBF Aaron:
Nah… we just stopped.?(laughter)
RBF Justin: We were playing it last night…Was that the only night we played it?
RBF Aaron: Naw, we played it somewhere else…didn’t we?
Random guy at table: Yeah, you did.

(Milo, the stage manager enters)
Milo (getting a drink out of the refrigerator):
I met this girl… I’m gonna go out with her.
RBF Justin: You’re gonna go out with her…? Like on a date?
Milo: Yeaahh…
RBF Justin: How far is Austin from here?
TMF Jordan: It’s not that far… It’s like, what would you say…?
TMF Brett: Three hours or so.

RBF Justin (to Milo): You only live three hours from her… What’s her name?
Milo: Uhh…
RBF Justin: You’re gonna go out with her and you don’t know her name?!
Milo: Natalie! …Jeez, sorry…
RBF Justin: Good lord! …Are you guys going out to dinner together?
Milo: Yeah…
RBF Justin: Tonight?
Milo: Right now.
RBF Justin: Ohhh… Let us go with you. ?(laughter)
RBF Aaron: They’re going on a date, leave ‘em alone.
RBF Justin: No it’s fine! We can be the chaperones.
Milo: No, I don’t think that’d be popular with her. ?(laughter)
RBF Justin: Milo lives in Austin, he’s our stage manager.
TMF Jordan: Oh really? That’s a cool place… it’d be nice to move out there.

TMF Jordan: So…you guys…
RBF Aaron (randomly):
Yes, the first album was about the frustration you feel when you’re in a band that’s going nowhere. Like why…why can’t I make it big? Why can’t I get there? Sour grapes. Fine. I don’t want it…Fuck you. I’ll kill myself… The next album is, I got big and famous and no one is happy about it for me…No one’s happy for me. And a few people who liked the band before I got big and famous are now against me. They wish me to fail. Fuck you. Third album…is about extreme depression and random…bullshit. It’s a collection of songs over the years that don’t make any sense as an album…It’s just a collection of dumb songs, that are good. Our new album will be more focused. It will be the third and final chapter of the saga…

TMF Jordan: …So you guys are really involved with your fans online and you’ve been getting groups together such as and others like that, why do you think it’s important to get the fans involved through different websites and what not?
RBF Aaron: Well, everybody’s on the internet.
TMF Jordan: Good reason.
RBF Aaron: The whole world is gonna be plugged into the internet pretty soon and we’re not gonna leave you out. It’s gonna be just like the matrix, we’re all gonna be plugged into the computers…We’re gonna have chips in our brains… Implants in our brains when we’re babies… That’s why we gotta do the internet thing, that’s where all the shit goes down. That’s why it’s important to be involved with your fans because, you know, they…pay…your bills… ?(laughter)
TMF Jordan: You could start up a Reel Big Fish porn site.
RBF Justin:
We’re trying to start a porn video game.
TMF Jordan: Oh, really??
RBF Aaron: Yeah! But it’s a secret and we don’t want anyone to steal our idea.
TMF Jordan: Alright, I’ll scratch that part out.
RBF Aaron:
I keep forgetting ‘cause I wanna tell people about it but I don’t want them to steal our idea.
RBF Justin: Well, with a porn video game they don’t know what our idea is.
RBF Aaron: That’s all they get to know.
RBF Justin: Yeah…It’s really vague.
TMF Jordan: It could be a number of things.
RBF Justin:
Yeah, it could be.
TMF Jordan: Sorta kinky and weird or…who knows… ?(laughter)

TMF Jordan: If your band was to participate in an outrageous scandal or act, the kind that would be all over the media and newspaper, what would your scandal or mischievous actions be?
RBF Aaron:
I think it would take a lot for our band to get all over the media…
RBF Justin: You know what, I bet if, as a band, we could kill somebody, I think.
TMF Brett: Who would you kill?
RBF Aaron:
If we walked out on stage with machine guns and shot everyone in the audience.
RBF Justin: We would be in the media.
RBF Aaron: We’d get on-
TMF Jordan: Just might-
RBF Aaron:
We’d get a lot of press.
RBF Justin: So fans beware!
RBF Aaron: I mean nobody cares what we do… nobody cares if we hang our baby out of a window…nobody cares if we get married in Vegas…nobody cares if we have sex with men…in bathrooms. ?(laughter)
RBF Justin: George Michael! George W. Michael!
RBF Aaron: Nobody cares because we’re not huge celebrities.
TMF Brett: You guys are pretty big, though.
TMF Jordan: Yeah, you are.

RBF Aaron: Well, we’re not famous celebrities that you read about in Star magazine.
TMF Brett: Would you wanna be?
RBF Aaron:
Yes… I would love to be.
TMF Jordan: This is probably the second biggest venue in Houston.
TMF Brett: It really is.
RBF Aaron:
TMF Jordan: This is one of the biggest places in Houston.
RBF Justin:
Well, we’re not gonna sell it out.
RBF Aaron: We played here with Blondie in ’99.
TMF Jordan: Really?
RBF Aaron: Yep.
RBF Aaron: Were you there?
TMF Jordan: No.
RBF Aaron:
Are you guys old school?
RBF Justin: How old are you guys?
TMF Jordan: Seventeen…both of us.
RBF Justin:
You’re both seventeen??
TMF Jordan: Yeah.
RBF Justin:
So, five years ago you were twelve.
TMF Jordan: How old are you guys?
RBF Aaron:
Oooh…too old.
RBF Justin: Twenty one.? (laughter)

TMF Jordan: If you could put subliminal messages in your songs, what song would it be in and what would the message be?
RBF Aaron:
Maybe we already did and maybe it’s working…?(laughter)
RBF Justin: The messages are subliminal, so you can’t know what they say.
TMF Jordan: Very true. (laughter)

TMF Jordan: Are there any more dreams or goals that you guys have that you want to accomplish before you’re finished with the whole band thing?
RBF Aaron:
I just want to be rich and famous….that’s always been my dream.?(laughter)
RBF Aaron: But, dreams don’t come true.
TMF Jordan: Sometimes, in fairy tales.
RBF Aaron:
I’ll just go for a nice, quick, painless death.?(laughter)

TMF Jordan: So, you guys are doing a show in the UK with a lot of cool bands…is there anything else that you have planned for the fall?
RBF Justin:
It says that?!
TMF Jordan: Yeah, it says that.
RBF Aaron:
It’s actually called the Reading and Leeds festival.
RBF Justin: We’re playing with The Offspring and The Darkness.
RBF Aaron: And it will be viewed by one hundred thousand people….there will be girls with boobs there….it’s gonna be amazing. We get to play on the main stage.

RBF Justin (to guy at table): Who’s before us?
Guy: Taking Back Sunday.
RBF Justin: Is right before us?
TMF Jordan: Wow…
RBF Justin:
Who’s after us? Who’s two bands after us?
RBF Aaron: Who’s second to last?
Guy: Second to last is The Offspring…Taking Back Sunday is second.
RBF Justin: And we’re third??(Justin and the guy at the table discuss some more)

(Enter Tyler, the trumpet player)
RBF Tyler:
Thank you.
RBF Justin: For what?
RBF Tyler: Helping me get back here last night… ?(laughter)
RBF Justin: Look at Tyler’s partyness in New Orleans. (Tyler holds up hand)?“New Orleans…Enough said.” -Tyler
TMF Jordan: Oooh. Ouch! What’d you do?!
RBF Tyler:
Oh, I was reaching for a titty and I fell off a bar stool.?(laughter)
RBF Justin: That was hilarious.
RBF Tyler: Was she cute?
RBF Justin: She definitely was…she kinda had some funky teeth, but-
RBF Tyler: Was she gonna let me touch her boobs?
RBF Justin: I think she was…
RBF Tyler: Was she?
RBF Justin: She didn’t move….you just fell.?(laughter)
RBF Justin: She kinda reminded me of a dog, because she had this really big jaw…that came out. And an under bite…
RBF Aaron: A dog with really big boobies.
RBF Justin: Yeah, she had big boobs. She was cute, though…?(laughter)
RBF Tyler (to Aaron): I heard you fell down in the hallway…
RBF Aaron: Who knows what happened.?(laughter)
TMF Jordan (to Tyler, in regards of his hand): What’d you do to it?
RBF Tyler:
It might be a little chip…Catch 22 had too much to drink…
RBF Justin: So did you.
RBF Tyler: Adam, from Lucky Boys Confusion, walked into a crime scene.? (laughter)
RBF Justin: What???
TMF Jordan: How’d he pull that off?!?
RBF Justin:
He did????
RBF Tyler: He walked right into it.
RBF Justin: Oh yeah! I remember, last night these two girls got beat up…at our hotel. I bet that’s what it was.

Reel Big Fish were nearly out of time because they had to go eat dinner so we took a couple of pictures before we left and got them to make captions for the pictures. You can find them scattered across the interview.